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PostGrad Students

  • Mohamed Taha, graduated March 2008 (MSc): Regulated rewriting in formal language theory.
  • Carl Crous, graduated March 2009 (MSc): Autonomous robot path planning.
  • Gerrit Greeff, graduated March 2009 (MSc): Interactive voxel terrain design using procedural techniques.
  • Walter Schulze, graduated March 2010 (MSc), A formal language theory approach to music generation.
  • Jan Buys, graduated December 2013 (MSc): Probabilistic tree transducers for grammatical error correction.
  • Dirk Brand, graduated March 2016 (MSc): Automatic prediction of comment quality.
  • Nicolaas Weideman, graduated December 2017 (MSc): Static analysis of regular expressions.
  • Heila-Marie Botha (co-supervised with Willem Visser), graduated December 2017 (PhD): Verifying Android Applications Using Java PathFinder.
  • Jacobus Daniël Thom (co-supervised with Steve Kroon), graduated March 2018 (MSc): Combining Tree Kernels and Text Embeddings for Plagiarism Detection.
  • Alex Leid (co-supervised with Willem Visser), graduated March 2020 (MSc): Testing Smart Contracts.
  • Stefan Strydom, April 2021 - official graduation Dec 2021 (MSc): Automatic assignment of diagnosis codes to free-form text medical notes.